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hydro trenching

Also known as “potholing,” “hydro trenching,” or “soft digging,” hydro-vacuum excavation is a method of controlled digging that uses pressurized water to loosen soil around utility systems while simultaneously vacuuming the debris into the onboard collection vessel.

hydro excavation

Potholing on a large scale, this process is designed to ensure no underground utilities are present by verifying the depth, size or type of existing underground utilities.


Potholing or daylighting are terms used for making a small hole and the tactic is usually implemented to verify the location of underground utilities. This process allows us to excavate the ground without facing the potential hazards of utility damage or service interruption.


High performance, non-destructive equipment makes cleaning underground vaults, valve boxes and pits quick and easy. Hydro vacuum cleaning of electrical and communication vaults is the only practical way of cleaning them properly.

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